With A Little Luck

With a little luck and a lot of faith one can write. See themselves as a writer. When I say luck I mean just that. It takes perseverance and fortitude and a willingness to spend more time alone then you think you're capable of to become a writer. It takes luck. It takes all the stars to align to  put you in the frame of mind to believe in yourself enough to throw yourself out into the world and give of yourself. You can't hide when you present yourself. And if the stars didn't align it wouldn't be possible. But how can you put yourself in alignment with the stars? How can you trust that what you write has any merit? Will anyone care? How many "likes" will I get, you ask yourself. There will never be enough "likes" to satisfy a writer who needs self congratulations. I am learning this the hard way. There are never enough "likes." And yet I soldier on. Why? Because if I don't believe in myself who will? I am the star to align with myself.