Grand Illusions you think it's possible to write a blog about writing when one hasn't become a "real" writer? I mean..not that many people really know of me. I'm a lone ship sailing in a sea of writers too numerous to count. Why do they get to where they want to go and all I do is tack back and forth across the bay? This photograph captures how I feel about myself as a writer. I have spent years going back and forth in a small section of the sea trying different maneuvering techniques, fine tuning, and trying my hardest to believe in my path. I don't sail too far out before coming in again and cleaning things up and putting the boat to bed for the night. Cliches? Metaphors? What I'm trying to say is I practice writing with small ambitions instead of having grand illusions about the whole thing. Why? Because the smaller the sea, the smaller the expectations, the more finely nuanced the work. Spread yourself too far and wide to try and capture an audience and you forget the real reason for give of yourself. And to know yourself is to know the truth or the solidarity and the nuance of self. I believe we can all write. All of us. But can we write what lies hidden? To do that takes self refection, sure, but it also takes numerous trips back and forth across the page until we get the courage to reveal.