Writing, as we all know, is a solitary act, and to the best of my abilities to discern, I do believe that writers have distinct personalities that A) enable them to spend periods of time alone and B) agonize about their self worth. That’s a generalization, so forgive me, but generalizations, used to categorize, are what we all do to help create.

Creating, as in writing, is about generalizing. I use marginal words to try and say something that’s not been said before, or to say it in a manner unusual and distinct. I generalize thinking. We all do. Long before we were all competing to be heard, a select few wrote what we were all supposed to think, but now that we’re all writing, posting, blogging, texting, tweeting, and what not, we’re all tossing out generalized thoughts. Where do these thoughts come from?

We all seem to find thought patterns we’re drawn to, and we collect thinking and put thoughts in our pockets, pull out tidbits to share where appropriate, and keep most of our thoughts to ourselves if we’re in an likely situation where we might be marginalized or misrepresented. Meditation helps me discern. I use it frequently to become a more complete person; therefore, a more complete writer. I find it helps me not to think, but to feel; therefore, I feel it helps me leave behind generalizations and search for deeper meaning.